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App Inventor Program

MIT App Inventor Program

Learn to Design & Program Your Own App with MIT App Inventor!

MIT App Inventor is an innovative beginner's introduction to programming and app creation that transforms the complex language of text-based coding into visual, drag-and-drop building blocks. The simple graphical interface grants even an inexperienced novice the ability to create a basic, fully functional app.

Session 2: February 8th - May 27th
Mondays, Tuesdays & Fridays, 4 - 5:30 pm
Mondays: 4th, 5th & 6th graders
Tuesdays: 7th & 8th graders
Fridays: Make Up Classes

fun incentives offered every Friday, 5:30 - 6:30 pm
pizza, ice cream, glow in the dark dodge ball, rock climbing & more...

What You'll Learn...
  • Understand basic computer science concepts.

  • Understand the basic design thinking process.

  • Applying computer science and design thinking to a problem.

  • Develop an authentic prototype and deliver a presentation to an audience of peers and adults.

  • Understand how to “take knowledge further” through continued application development, computer science and application of a design process.

The App Inventor program open to 4th - 8th graders and is FREE to Club members!

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Student Resources

About the Program

Developed by Google's Mark Friedman and MIT Professor Hal Abelson in 2009, the MIT App Inventor project seeks to democratize software development by empowering all people, especially young people, to transition from being consumers of technology to becoming creators of it.

About the Curriculum

The App Inventor program is broken down into three areas which contain classes with individual lesson plans focusing on computer science and basic application development. The curriculum emphasizes the design process including; defining the problem, conceptualizing, designing, simplifying, prototyping, testing and ultimately presenting. 

Each class combines a mixture of design simplification process with new computer science concepts that can be applied to a design idea or prototype. The lessons conclude with a pitch session in which members present their work, next steps and aspirations to peers. Presentations will highlight the design process and the product of their work, the app. 

Participants will also discuss their aspirations and possibilities for future work on their solution. Where can their idea go?

Basics of App Development
Class 1: Introduction to Computer Science & App Development
Class 2: Learn: HelloPurr
Class 3: Learn: Magic 8 Ball
Class 4: Learn: Hacking Magic 8 Ball with TinyDB
Class 4: Learn: Hacking Magic 8 Ball-Add Screen
Class 5: Learn: MoleMash
Class 6: Learn: MoleMash

Design Thinking & App Creation
Class 7: Concept: Conceptualize an App
Class 8: Concept: Initial app plans
Class 9: Concept: Dive In!
Class 10: Create: Develop your App
Class 11: Create: Develop your App
Class 12: Create: Develop your App

Making a Presentation
Class 13: Present: Finish your App, Build Presentation
Class 14: Present: Build Presentation, Practice
Class 15: Present: Message Verizon App Challenge

Please note that sessions are subject to change.
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